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How to Determine Your Initial PPC Budget

How to Determine Your Initial PPC Budget

How to determine an initial PPC Budget is one of those questions we get asked on a daily basis as soon as we start working with new business. It happens every time we get a new client and so we decided this time to answer out for general knowledge, just remember that every business works in its own way.

Getting Started to Set an Initial PPC Budget

We sure know it can be a challenging task for a business that has never done PPC before.  First of all, setting an initial PPC budget for you would more likely depend on how familiar you are with digital marketing and its tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Analytics. Sounds familiar to you? Well, a quick answer to that question could be to determine your profitability requirements and your S.M.A.R.T business goals for your pay-per-click campaign.

Setting an Initial PPC Budget: What You Need to Know

The main thing you want to be able to do with your new PPC account is to test the actual effectiveness of pay-per-click as a marketing channel for your business before setting an initial PPC Budget. You would want to start by maybe getting an idea of how much you will be paying for each click first. Once you get it, it will give you a better sense of the total cost that will take to drive a good amount of traffic to your website through paid search. In this case, we definitely recommend using Adword’s free traffic estimator, which is an excellent resource that can get help get an average cost per click in different positions.

Let’s Talk About Numbers

Although we cannot give an exact amount because each business works in different ways, in that case, we encourage you to contact us to give you a consultation, it is time to talk about numbers. For example, let’s say the tool mentioned above told us we could sit in around position four for our actual target term for about $2 per click. It is indeed a great starting point, so you know. If that actually happens, and pretend our site also converts at an average 5%, $1,800 would let us get to 900 clicks and 45 conversions with an initial test. This example is a nice sample size and gives us, and you as well, a good idea of how we could expect PPC to perform as a channel for your business.

And also, before we forget, another consideration we want to always keep in mind is that your budget evaluation depends on how your site tends to convert. So, it will confirm if the test makes sense or not. We really hope you enjoyed this blog post, until the next one!

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