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Google AdWords Evaluation

Discover how to maximize your Google AdWords investments right from the start!

Navigate your campaign with one of our Senior Media Advisors and go beyond the click to understand effectiveness.

You will learn how customers engage with your online business and how your business responds to those engagements.

Align your AdWords strategy with your business objectives.

Choose the best AdWords plan to reach your business goals.


Strategies Developed with your Business Goals in mind

Creating a Google AdWords strategy that’s tailored to meet your business goals is our number one priority.

Our data driven strategies allow you to make evidence-based decisions about your online marketing.

Our methods focus on finding the best opportunities to make a positive impact on your business’ bottom line.

Our strategies such as in-market audiences, remarketing and demographic targeting will allow you to experience positive performance results.

Help your customers on the go with Google Call Only Campaigns and Mobile Ads

For businesses who rely on phone calls more than website visits, call only campaigns send customers directly to your contact lines. More than 70% of people who use mobile search become paying customers.

If you are a local business looking to increase visits for a brick and mortar store, with location extensions you can measure those engagements.

Our time-tested framework for mobile targeting will help you increase your conversion rates and maximize your ROI.


It is a proven fact that 60% of business owners and marketing directors that go through the AdWords Performance review walk away with new valuable information about how to improve their AdWords results, the remaining 40% understand the value we can bring to the table and hire us on the spot.

Call us and talk to one of our Senior Media Advisors to schedule your free Google AdWords Evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I still have access to my campaigns?

You will continue to have full administrative access to all your campaigns because we never interrupt your full ownership status while having a Google AdWords Evaluation. We use Google’s My Client Center (MCC) to access and manage your AdWords campaigns.

  • Do you build a new campaign or do your work on my existing campaign?

In most cases there is no need to create a new AdWords campaign for you but every now and then there is absolutely no other way to proceed. However keep in mind that when this happens we are still able to gain valuable insights from your old campaign. We put old campaigns on pause, we never delete them.

  • How much of my budget goes to Google?

100% of your budget goes to Google, our management fee is paid separately. We like to keep everything transparent.

  • How frequently will you call me after starting your services?

The second day after you hire us.

  • What kind of reporting do you provide?

We offer integrated AdWords reporting. Our Google AdWords Evaluation reports’ are customizable in order to show all the campaign performance aspects that interest you.

  • How do you gain access into my account?

You don’t need to share your login or billing information with us. We work through Google’s My Client Center (MCC) to gain access into your accounts’ metrics. With your 10-digit Customer ID, we are able to send you an invitation to join our MCC. Once the performance review is completed you can choose to close our access the same way it was granted.

  • What is the real cost involved?

There’s no catch, no hidden agenda and yes, it’s 100% FREE!

  • Is the performance evaluation an automated process?

All evaluations are done manually by a Google Certified Marketing Expert. The intention of the report is to allow you to understand whether or not your AdWords Campaigns are aligned with your business goals. In the end we will provide you with recommendations on what ways you can Improve Your Business’ Performance.

  • Will you make any changes to my Google AdWords Campaigns?

Since all evaluations are done manually and in real time, we go through your campaign by way of a screen-share session so you see everything we see for yourself, no changes are made until we are hired to make them.