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Local Websites + AdWords

Anyone can build a local website, but getting it right is something else

A Symbiotic Relationship

At Marketing Logic 360 we know that an Internet marketing campaign can only be as good the local website that houses your ideas. An effective web presence is what ultimately levels the playing field for a small to medium size business and its market share. Our websites include optional SEO copywriting, logo design and everything else you need.

We specialize in WordPress and develop to W3C standards to ensure compatibility with all devices. When you combine the power of web design with an effective PPC campaign there’s nowhere to go but up. Your campaign is key to finding what works when it comes to SEO and your website is where those insights are implemented to increase your most important metric: revenue.

Quality is Everything

According to studies, it takes from 3 to 6 seconds to capture a visitor’s interest when they first see a website layout. In our experience we have learned that websites leave a lasting impression when it comes to company branding and conversions. Our professional website designers and developers are dedicated to crafting the most powerful, effective and engaging platforms.

Our innovative design and appealing language are a symbiosis that make for websites that yield exceptional results, whether the viewer is a search engine bot or the human mind. We are here to increase your business and generate superior brand loyalty.

Your business’ local website is the real first impression that your Internet existence makes for clients. You need to have a website that you love, one that dazzles your visitors, and that makes you money. Style really does matter, and so does impeccable functionality, intuitive navigation, and especially being easily found in search engines with relevant search terms.

We develop every single one of our websites with search engine friendly architecture at every step of the process, to your end marketing are needs are not only met, but also surpassed. Whether what you need is to for customers to fulfill a multiple step process or just keep a simple detail in mind, you can have absolute certainty that your website will guide visitors to clear calls to action.


It is a proven fact that 60% of business owners and marketing directors that go through the AdWords Performance review walk away with new valuable information about how to improve their AdWords results, the remaining 40% understand the value we can bring to the table and hire us on the spot.

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